Chez Nous with Albert Finney, Pat Heywood and Denholm Elliot
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Miss Marple
Mapp Lucia
Oranges Are Not
Jean Brodie


The Affair at Assino - 1950 Theatre Royal Windsor - with Joseph O'Connor, by N.C. Hunter. 
Who Goes There? - 1950 Theatre Royal Windsor with Patrick Cargill, written by John Deighton. Then transferred in 1951 to Vaudeville Theatre - with Nigel Patrick, Frances Row, director John Counsell
For Love or Money - 1952 "Q" Theatre
For Better For Worse - 1952 Theatre Royal Windsor - with Leslie Philips, Charles Cameron, Duncan Lewis. In 1953 transferred to Comedy Theatre  and ran for 18 months.
Sweet Madness - with Richard Attenborough
Patience - 1955 Royal Brighton and Streatham Hill
Summertime - 1955 Apollo Theatre - with Dirk Bogarde, Vivienne Drummond, Mark Digman, Nigel Stock
Tender Trap with Brian Reese

Love's Labour's Lost - 1956 (Princess of France) Shakespeare Memorial Theatre - with Basil Hoskins, Alan Badel, Prunella Scales, director Peter Hall
A Member of the Wedding - 1957 Royal Court Theatre with Bertice Reading, Vivienne Drummond, John Henry,  director Tony Richardson
The Entertainer - 1957 Palace Theatre with Laurence Olivier, George Relph, Brenda De Banzie, Stephens, director Tony Richardson
Pericles - 1958 (Marina) Shakespeare Memorial Theatre with Paul Hardwick, Edward Woodward, Richard Johnson

Twelfth Night - 1958 (Olivia) Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Moscow and Leningrad -with Dorothy Tutin, Mark Digman, Derek Godfrey, Patrick Wymark, Ian Holm, Ian Richardson, Eric Porter, Zoe Caldwell, Clive Swift, Stephen Thorne, director Peter Hall, costume design- Lila De Nobili, Michael Northen, lighting
Much Ado About Nothing  1958 (as Hero) Shakespeare Memorial Theatre with Googie Withers, Anthony Nicholls, Richard Johnson, Michael Redgrave, Rachel Kempson.  Zoe Caldwell and Ian Holm in small roles. Director Douglass Seale 
Change of Tune - 1959 The Strand Theatre

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Rites, by British playwright Maureen Duffy, was first performed in 1969, at the National Theatre Repertory Company in London. The play takes place in a woman's public restroom, and has an all-female cast. The characters are representative working class women of London, including the restroom manager and attendant, three office workers, and two widows in their sixties. The action and dialogue of the play reveal the anger and resentment the women feel toward men in their romantic and sexual relationships, and at work. The play finally erupts in a few moments of frenzied violence in which the women kill someone they believe to be a male spy, only to find that their victim is a woman.

Rites is very loosely based on The Bacchae, a play by the ancient Greek dramatist, Euripides, which describes the conflict between the largely female worshipers of the god Dionysus and the male representatives of law and order in the city of Thebes. Like Rites, The Bacchae culminates in a frenzied killing by a group of women.

Rites was written at a time when the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s was gathering strength. Like the women's movement, the play exposes the stifling effects on women of gender stereotypes at many levels of society. 

Chez Nous with  Denholm Elliot
Love for Love with Olivier
Hamlet with Ian Bannen
As Gertrude with Alan Rickman - Hamlet 1992
Home and Beauty
Hero in Much Ado About Nothing
The School for Scandal
Geraldine McEwan ~ A Career in Theatre, Film & Television
Dance of Death with Laurence Olivier
On Approval with Jennie Linden
The Way of the World
A Flea in Her Ear
Who Goes There?
Much Ado About Nothing
Dance of Death with Robert Stephens
 and Laurence Olivier
With Albert Finney in A Flea in Her Ear
With Albert Finney in Chez Nous
The Rivals
with Robert Lang and Robert Stephens
Laurence Olivier worked with many fine actresses in his extraordinary career. With the exception of wives, Joan Plowright and Vivian Leigh, he acted with Geraldine McEwan perhaps more than any other. 

In 1957, Geraldine was enlisted to replace Plowright as Jean Rice in John Osborne's The Entertainer. At the age of 25, this was McEwan's 10th major role in seven years, and her first of many productions with Olivier. 
In 1965, while Olivier was the Director of the National Theatre complex, he found time to share the stage with McEwan in Love for Love, The Dance of Death and A Flea in Her Ear. A very successful Canadian tour of these three productions followed and in 1968, Oliver again cast himself in a small role in the National's production of Home and Beauty, starring McEwan. A film version of The Dance of Death was made later in 1968.
Olivier and McEwan were to star together in a highly anticipated, new production of Guys and Dolls for the National Theatre, but Olivier's illness forced a cancellation during the last weeks of rehearsal. A much-missed Nathan and Adelaide serenade!

In 1971, and for the first time in this long working relationship, Olivier directed Geraldine McEwan in Amphytrion for the National Theatre.

1957 The Entertainer; Archie Rice ~ Laurence Olivier, Jean Rice ~ Geraldine McEwan

1965 Love for Love; Tattle ~ Laurence Olivier, Angelica ~ Geraldine McEwan

1967 Dance of Death; Edgar ~ Laurence Olivier, Alice ~ Geraldine McEwan

1967 A Flea in Her Ear; Plucheux ~ Laurence Olivier, Raymonde ~ Geraldine McEwan

1967 Canadian Tour of  Love for Love, A Flea in Her Ear, The Dance of Death

1968 Home and Beauty;  A. B. Raham ~ Laurence Olivier, Victoria ~ Geraldine McEwan

1968 The Dance of Death; (film)

1970 Guys and Dolls; Nathan Detroit ~ Laurence Olivier, Adelaide ~ Geraldine McEwan 
This production was halted after Olivier fell ill during rehearsals.

1971 Amphytrion; Director ~ Laurence Olivier, Alcamena ~ Geraldine McEwan

The Olivier Connection
McEwan gives one of those subtle, agile, exquisitely and heartbreakingly funny performances that you will be able to recall and savour for years to come. She wears a kind of cut-a-way robe that, as it parts, reveals a pair of delicious legs. 
Physically, McEwan's performance is a hilarious blend of aged delicacy and irrepressible desire. Spiritually (and you can use the word about her acting without embarrassment), she draws a portrait of a poor, lost, dim creature, touchingly eager and preposterously gullible. McEwan has found the real centre of this sad creature.  
Sunday London Times--John Peter, October 29, 1995    


Twelfth Night - 1960-61 (Aldwych) directed by Peter Hall (see above)
Hamlet - 1961 (Ophelia) Shakespeare Memorial Theatre with Ian Bannen, Redmond Phillips, Noel Williams, Elizabeth Sellars, Paul Hardwick, director Peter Wood
Much Ado About Nothing - 1961 (as Beatrice) Royal Shakespeare Company with Christopher Plummer, Noel Willman, Paul Hardwick, Tony Church, Barry Warren, Jill Dixon, Ian Richardson, director Michael Langham, Desmond Heeley, design, Maurice Daniels, lighting
Everything in the Garden - 1962 Royal Shakespeare Company Experimental Theatre (at New Arts Theatre) with Derek Godfrey, Betty Bascomb, Caroline Blakiston, John Dearth, Audine Leath, Geoffrey Chater, director Donald McWhinnie, Henry Bardon, design
The Hollow Crown - 1962  Royal Shakespeare Company -Aldwich Theatre with John Barton, Tony Church, Richard Johnson, Max Adrian, Anthony Nicholls, director Peter Hall

The School for Scandal - 1962 Haymarket with Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies, Meriel Forbes, Richard Easton, director John Gielgud
The School for Scandal -1963 Majestic Theatre New York (same production as above)
The Private Ear and The Public Eye -1963  Morosco Theatre New York with Barry Foster, Brian Bedford, Moray Watson, director Peter Wood
Loot - 1965 - Original Cast: with Kenneth Williams

Armstrong's Last Goodnight -1965 National Theatre (at Chichester) with Ronald Pickup, Robert Stephens, Albert Finney, Ian McKellen
Love for Love - 1965 National Theatre (London) with Laurence Olivier, Albert Finney, Miles Malleson, John Stride, Robert Lang, Joyce Redman, Lynn Redgrave, director Peter Wood, designed by Lila Nobili 
A Flea In Her Ear - 1966 National Theatre at the Old Vic with Robert Lang, Edward Hardwick, Kenneth MacIntosh and Laurence Olivier in small role as servant!

The Dance of Death - 1967 (Alice) National Theatre with Laurence Olivier, Robert Stephens, Carolyn Jones, Anthony Hopkins understudied and eventually replaced Olivier; also toured Canada and Expo '67
Home and Beauty - 1968 National Theatre at The Old Vic with Robert Stephens, Robert Lang, director Frank Dunlop
An Invasion of Women - 1968
Edward II  
Dear Love - 196 The Comedy Theatre.with Keith Michell
The Way of the World - (as Millamant) 1969 National Theatre at The Old Vic with Robert Lang, director Michael Langham
A Flea in Her Ear - 1969 National Theatre at The Old Vic with Robert Lang, Edward Hardwick, Kenneth MacIntosh and Laurence Olivier in  a small role as servant!

The White Devil - 1969 National Theatre with Edward Woodward, Jane Lapotaire, Hazel Hughes, Frank Barrie, Dennis Lill, Edward Hardwick, Derek Jacobi, director Frank Dunlop, Designed by Piero Gherardi
Rites - 1969 National Theatre - Experimental Season, writer: Maureen Duffy, Director: Joan Plowright. Based on Greek myths, the entire play takes place in the Charing Cross Station restroom. 
More on writer, Maureen Duffy
More on the play, Rites

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Amphytrion 38 - 1971 National Theatre with Christopher Plummer, Constance Cummings, director Laurence Olivier
Not Drowning But Waving - 1973
Chez Nous - 1974 Globe Theatre with Albert Finney, Denholm Elliott, Pat Heywood, Denis Carey, director Robert Chetwyn
The Little Hut - 1974 Duke of York's Theatre with James Villiers, Gerald Harper, Mike Elles, Olu Jacobs, director Hugh Cruttwell

On Approval 1975 Haymarket with Edward Woodward, Jennie Linden, Edward Hardwick, director Frank Hauser
Oh Coward! 1975 Criterion Theatre
Look After Lulu 1978 Haymarket Peter Bowles, Nigel Stock, Clive Francis, Paul Hardwick, Gary Raymond, Fenella Fielding, director Patrick Garland, Designer Carl Toms
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The Browning Version & Harlequinade - 1980 National Theatre with Alec McCowen, Nicky Henson, director Michael Rudman
The Provok'd Wife - 1980 National Theatre with John Wood, director Peter Wood
Two Inches of Ivory  1981 (later renamed Geraldine McEwan's Jane Austen) first performance November 1981 at Nottingham Playhouse - later in Germany, the Far East, The Cottesloe Theatre, London, etc. 

You Can't Take It With You - 1983 Royal National Theatre with Greg Hicks, Gary Raymond, Janine Duvitski, Wendy Morgan, director Michael Bogdanov
The Rivals - 1984 (Mrs. Malaprop) Royal National Theatre with Michael Hordern, Tim Curry, director Peter Wood
A Lie of the Mind 198  - Royal Court Theatre
Lettice and Lovage - 1989 The Globe Theatre with Sara Kestleman, director Michael Blakemore

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Hamlet - 1992 (Gertrude) Riverside Studios with Alan Rickman,, director Robert Sturua
The Bird Sanctuary - 1993 Abbey Theatre, Dublin, director Robin Lefevre
The Way of the World - 1995 (Lady Wishfort) Royal National Theatre with Anthony O'Donnell, Roger Allam, Fiona Shaw, director Phyllida Lloyd
Grace Note - 1997 Peter Hall Company at the Old Vic, director Dominic Dromgoole 

The Chairs - 1997 (Old Woman) Theatre Complicite Production for Royal Court Theatre (at Duke of York's)  with Richard Briers, director Simon McBurney
The Chairs - 1998 Theatre Complicite Production transferred to New York - The Golden Theatre
Hay Fever - 1999 (Judith Bliss) The Savoy Theatre with Peter Blythe, Stephen Mangan, Sylvestra le Touzel, Malcolm Sinclair, Monica Dolan, Scott Handy, Cathryn Bradshaw, director Declan Donnellan.
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Hay Fever