With the exception of that early elocution lesson from Macbeth and a walk-on part in A Midsummer Night's Dream, Geraldine McEwan's early career centered around West End Comedies. McEwan was starring in her third West End hit before her Shakespeare career began.
Though she was determined to do classical roles, she had no formal drama school training. So, she used her salary and free time during the 18 month run of For Better or Worse to train privately with famous voice teacher, Iris Warren.
It was Peter Hall, after directing her in Summertime with Dirk Bogarde who invited McEwan to Stratford-upon-Avon to play the Princess of France in Love's Labour's Lost (1956) for the Shakespeare Memorial Company.
Following that, Geraldine returned to play in the now famous and controversial production of Twelfth Night with Dorothy Tutin and in several other roles. (see below)
In the early 60's Peter Hall formed the Royal Shakespeare Company and McEwan enjoyed playing Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing and Ophelia in Hamlet.

Some early audio performances are still available, including an impressive recording with Jeremy Brett in Love's Labour's Lost. In 2001, a Naxos recording of King Richard III with Kenneth Branagh won several audio awards and the role of Queen Margaret was given a fresh and glorious interpretation by McEwan.
"Glamis thou art and Cawdor..." 
This speech by Lady Macbeth was the 'a ha!' moment  for Geraldine McEwan. As a schoolgirl she recited those famous lines and that experience changed her life in a dramatic way. Shakespeare, introduced at that young age became a life-long passion for McEwan.
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Theatre
as attendant of Hippolyta
Windsor Royal Theatre

Love's Labour's Lost - Theatre
1956 Photo
as Princess of France
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre 
Director Peter Hall

Pericles - Theatre (Photo)
as Marina
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
Director Tony Richardson

Twelfth Night - Theatre
as Olivia
22/04/1958 Stratford-upon-Avon  
12/12/1958 Twelfth Night Tour
to Russia (Moscow and Leningrad) 
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
Director Peter Hall

Much Ado About Nothing  - Theatre
as Hero
Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
Director Douglass Seale

Twelfth Night - Theatre
1960-61 Photo
as Olivia
Aldwych/Shakespeare Memorial Theatre
Director Peter Hall

Hamlet  - Theatre
November 11, 1961
as Ophelia
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Director  Peter Wood

Much Ado About Nothing  - Theatre
1961  Photo
as Beatrice
Royal Shakespeare Company
Director Michael Langham
The Merry Wives of Windsor  - Audio Recording
The Marlowe Society   ( So there!)

The World of Shakespeare  - Audio Recording
as Beatrice with Christopher Plummer
re-creating Act 4 Scene I (Kill Claudio scene)
Argo Record Company

Love's Labour's Lost  - Audio Recording
as Princess of France
HarperCollins Audio

As You Like It  - Theatre/Director
as Director/Renaissance Theatre Company
Phoenix Theatre in London 

Henry V - Film
as Alice
Renaissance Films
Director Kenneth Branagh

Hamlet  - Theatre
1992    Photo
as Gertrude
Riverside Studios with Alan Rickman
Director Robert Sturua

Titus  - Film 
as Nurse         
Director Julie Taymor

Love's Labour's Lost  - Film
2000 Photo
as Holofernia
Director Kenneth Branagh

Richard III  - Audio Recording
as Queen Margaret
Naxos Audio with Kenneth Branagh

Much Ado About Nothing, 1958  Ursula (Rachel Kempson), Hero (Geraldine McEwan), Margaret (Zoe Caldwell).
Pericles, 1958   Dionyza (Rachel Kempson, left) and Marina (Geraldine McEwan, right).
Geraldine McEwan ~ The Shakespeare Connection
Much Ado About Nothing, 1958  Ursula (Rachel Kempson), Hero (Geraldine McEwan), Beatrice (Googie Withers)
Much Ado About Nothing with Christopher Plummer
Gertrude in Hamlet
As Holofernia with Richard Briers in Love's Labour's Lost
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